Every few weeks I invite someone I like and admire to read me a poem that they absolutely love and has been a kind of touchstone in their lives; a poem they carry around in their existential First Aid Kit.

After reading, we chat about the poem. I then read them a poem I love, and if the guest is a poet, I also invite them to read a poem of theirs that I would like to have in The Pharmacy.

For the first couple of years, Poetry Pharmacy was called Read Me Something You Love and had a wider remit of short stories and essays, but I soon came to realise that there was something about sitting together and prescribing each other poetry that brought the most pleasurable and connective conversations.

I was also introduced into this kind of reading by participating and then leading Shared Reading Groups with The Reader Organisation: a deeply personal and person-centred way of engaging with literary texts and other people.

I really do believe that this is the best way to get the most interesting & fun stuff out of a text as well as each other. That’s what I continue to try and do with this podcast, as well as a daily Poetry Pharmacy on Twitter.

I hope you find the poetry you discover through The Pharmacy as well as our conversations both enlivening and nourishing.

To contact me: stevewasserman AT gmail DOT com

Or on Twitter: @poetrypharmacy

When I’m not reading, writing, learning poems by heart, or making podcasts, you can find me here: http://stevewasserman.co.uk/

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