Episode 3: William Sieghart prescribes AUBADE by Phillip Larkin

WILLIAM SIEGHART has had a distinguished career in publishing and the arts. He established the Forward Prizes for Poetry in 1992, and founded National Poetry Day in 1994. He is a former chairman of the Arts Council Lottery Panel, and current chairman of both the Somerset House Trust and Forward Thinking, a charity seeking peace in the Middle East and acceptance of British Muslims. Occasionally, William also offers his services as a poetry pharmacy apothecary at literary festivals in the UK.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3: William Sieghart prescribes AUBADE by Phillip Larkin

  • Steve, Poetry Pharmacy is a fantastic initiative – thankyou for it! This podcast was very good – but then I’ve enjoyed and learned something from each one I’ve listened to. They’ve taken me to new writers/poets and back to ‘old’ familiar ones which I hear with new ears. Thought-provoking, insightful and how good is it to eavesdrop on truly interesting conversations. Thanks again!

  • This is beautiful.

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